Discomfort in Tinubu’s camp over alleged endorsement of Akpabio for Senate President

Tinubu tested, trusted; capable of leading Nigeria, says Akpabio - Peoples  Gazette

According to reports, Godswill Akpabio’ s bid for the senate presidency has caused unease within the camp of President- elect Bola Tinubu.

Some senators- elect and a governor from the Northeast have denied claims that Tinubu and APC stakeholders had agreed to support Akpabio.

Sources, who spoke to Sunday Sun, stated that Tinubu did not openly endorse any candidate and that he and his associates are unhappy with Akpabio’ s frequent visits. These sources further claimed that Akpabio’ s visits are seen as irritating and desperate.

A loyalist of the incoming president, who requested anonymity, stated that the president- elect feels harassed by the frequent visits of Akpabio.

As per the source, Tinubu and his associates are feeling more and more uncomfortable with Akpabio’ s persistent efforts to obtain an endorsement for the position of Senate president.

According to The Sun, he said, ” The president- elect’ s team expresses dissatisfaction with Godswill Akpabio and his approach to becoming the Senate President. They feel that he constantly disrupts the president- elect’ s rest and they are tired of his behavior.

” Many members of the team see Akpabio as overly eager and unpredictable, and they are concerned that he could betray the party in the future, as he did with his previous party.

” The team is closely monitoring Akpabio’ s conduct in the race for the Senate presidency because it is becoming too irritating for the president- elect and his associates. They want to ensure that Asiwaju does not make a mistake and forms a unity government that includes all regions.

A senator who is a close ally of Tinubu stated that the team of the incoming President is concerned about the perception that Tinubu has chosen Akpabio as his favored candidate.

According to him, the comments made by Akpabio about legislators during the NDDC investigation by the House of Representatives have caused discomfort among some lawmakers.

The lawmaker said, ” As returning senators, we are expressing our anger towards Akpabio’ s comments about lawmakers in the past. We are currently having discussions with the newly elected senators because we do not want the president- elect to be misinterpreted as supporting someone who lacks the support of their former colleagues. Our objective is to have a senator who is generally accepted by all as the leader, and we have not found that in Akpabio. “

An APC Governor from the Northeast who wished to remain anonymous, stated that the rumors suggesting that their camp endorses Akpabio do not align with the views of Tinubu’ s camp.

He said, ” I can confirm that after reading and listening to various claims in the media, particularly on social media, over 90 percent of them are false and purely products of some individuals’ imagination.

” Additionally, the President- elect is displeased with some of these claims and is committed to working towards the advancement and well- being of our nation. His priority is to promote solutions that will help our country overcome the challenges it faces in a timely manner. “

Some lawmakers- elect denied the allegation that Tinubu is rallying support among APC lawmakers for Akpabio’ s bid.

One of the senators- elect said: ” I attend the meetings regularly and I haven’ t been informed that Akpabio is the anointed candidate for Senate president. The other candidates are putting in efforts to secure the support of the party and my colleagues. Akpabio and his supporters are aware that Orji Uzor Kalu is currently ahead in the race because he has a strong backing, particularly from the North. From what I can tell, Kalu is in the lead at the moment. “


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