“I Am At The Tribunal, I Saw The Level Of Damage and Corruption Participated in the Election–Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour

Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour, the Labour Party’s candidate for governor in the most recent election, which was held on March 18, 2023, has asserted that he is aware of the precise number of votes that Mr. Peter Obi received in Lagos state during the presidential elections. Gbadebo claimed that the Independent National Electoral Commission had rigged Peter Obi’s results in an exclusive interview with Seun for the Mic On Podcast. He claims that he is currently in front of the election petition tribunal to contest the results of the 2023 Lagos State Governorship election because he is aware of what took place there.

Hear him say, “I am at the tribunal, I see the level of damage and the level of corruption participated in the governorship election by INEC. Furthermore, I am aware of the precise number of votes that His Excellency Mr. Peter Obi received in the state of Lagos, and I can only know this thanks to the internal operations of INEC. In his statement, Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour.

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