Ndigbo won’t beg anybody again for political appointments – Ex-minister

According to Vanguard, Professor Ihechukwu Madubuike, a two-time minister for education and health, expressed her displeasure at the Igbo’s political isolation and rejection in Nigeria.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu, an elder statesman, stated that Ndigbo will not grovel to anyone once again for a political job in response to the fact that no Igbo was included in the Inauguration Committee of the President-elect.

We won’t beg anyone to act in a way that we believe to be reasonable and moral. No!

Nigeria’s rejection of the Igbo is a loss for her because we have marketable talents.

Professor Madubuike claimed that Ndigbo had experienced enough marginalization in Nigeria and had made peace with their lot while expressing hope for better times ahead.

For more than a century now, we have suffered from imagination. Therefore, all we need to do is prepare our loins as we strategize and prepare for better days, which will undoubtedly come.

Former Chairman of the Umuahia North Council of Traditional Rulers, HRM Eze Philp Ajomuiwe, chimed in, saying the President-elect’s actions have depicted him as “a tribal president.”

We are sick of pleading in a nation where we are important stakeholders, especially when we are aware that we have something to offer.

The monarch claimed that Tinubu’s list excluding all Igbos “means Ndigbo are not accepted in Nigeria.”

He claimed Tinubu was wrong to believe he could live without the Igbo.

The monarch, however, urged Ndigbo not to panic over the sad development and expressed confidence that, despite their oppressors’ best efforts, Ndigbo could not be wiped out.

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