Nobody Would Have Believed That Any Other Party Could Have Won in Lagos Without Obi – Dele Momodu

As Nigerians continue to debate the results of the contentious presidential election on February 25, Dele Momodu, a well-known publisher, political activist, and leader of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has spoken out about the astounding performance made by the Labour Party candidate, Peter Gregory Obi, in the just-concluded polls. Momodu, a former member of the PDP Presidential Campaign Council, praised Obi’s performance in an interview on Saturday’s episode of ARISE TV’s “The Morning Show” and claimed that the former governor of Anambra had dispelled a myth that had persisted for 24 years regarding the impossibility of an opposition party defeating the ruling party in Lagos. The extraordinary accomplishment, he continued, was a favor done to the PDP and to all Nigerians.

“Actually, Peter Obi did us some favors,” he continued. Because nobody would have believed that any other party could have won in Lagos without Obi. Despite that victory, many people contend that the margin declared could not have been the original margin in light of the overwhelming number of votes cast by youth, especially those from the Obidient Movement in Lagos. As a result, in addition to stealing votes from Atiku, those people also stole votes from Tinubu. These individuals would have had to commit numerous murders in order to alter all of those votes. Therefore, where it was already obvious that Atiku and Obi would win, the only thing the ruling party could do was to decrease their support. Because of this, you can see deformed result sheets everywhere.

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