Senator Sani questions moral standing of African countries to criticize European border closures

In a tweet shared on his official Twitter handle, Nigerian senator Shehu Sani questioned the moral standing of African countries to criticize European countries for closing their borders to African immigrants. He asked, “When African countries closed their borders for refugees from other African countries, what moral rights and authority do we have to challenge European Countries when they do same to our people?”

The issue of border closure has been a contentious one globally, particularly in light of the refugee crisis that has displaced millions of people from their homes. African countries have often closed their borders to refugees from neighboring countries, citing security concerns and a lack of resources to cater to the needs of the refugees.

The issue of border closures is a complex one, with no easy solutions. However, it is important for governments and policymakers to approach it with empathy and compassion, considering the human cost of these actions.

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