Peter Obi visits Wole Soyinka, describes him as a father

Peter Obi speaks after visiting Soyinka amid controversy - Daily Post Nigeria

On Sunday, Nobel laureate Prof. Wole Soyinka had a visit from Labour Party presidential contender Peter Obi. The dramatist had a run- in with the Obidients movement, as Obi’ s fans were known, one month before to the visit. In addition to criticizing the voter repression that was seen in several polling places in Lagos, Soyinka also charged Obidients of fascism for refusing to ” entertain corrective criticism. “

The poet said this on April 8 while appearing as a guest on Channels Television and then Arise TV. Soyinka was repeatedly harassed and attacked online by irate kids who identified with the former governor of Anambra State hours after making his caustic statement.

On the well- liked Channels Television program Politics Today a month ago, Obi admitted that he was upset over the encounter and emphasized how much he admired Soyinka as a father.

When he emphasized that they were indignant adolescents who had been deprived by a system that is supposed to look out for them, he further defended his Obidient movement.

But in a message published on Sunday night his Twitter account, Obi said his encounter with the playwright was enriching and that they had a fruitful conversation.

The tweet read, ” Today I visited Prof. Wole Soyinka, one of Nigeria’ s most famous authors and a literary legend around the world. My father, Prof. Soyinka, is someone I hold in high regard for everything that he has accomplished and all that he represents in the fight for a better Nigeria. We will NEVER disregard his renowned reputation as a champion of justice and equity in our society.

“He shared a lot of information with me about his vision for a bigger, more inclusive Nigeria, and we had a really fruitful and enlightening conversation about his goals for a better and greater Nigeria. I reminded the Nobel laureate of the significant sacrifice he made while defending the Igbo just prior to the start of the Civil War. ” I treasure this Sunday visit, which was meant to dispel the unwarranted misunderstandings about the great icon and the Obidient family”.


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