Southeast has produced 5 Senate Presidents, they should allow South-South taste it for once- Afegbua

Former Commissioner for Information in Edo State, Kassim Afegbua, has argued that the South-South region should produce the next Senate President of the 10th National Assembly. In an interview with Democracy Today, Afegbua rejected the idea of selecting a Senate President from the Southeast for the purpose of balance. Instead, he argued that the South-South has been a hotbed of opposition, delivering over 46% in five states to the presidential candidate of APC. He also noted that the region came top in Rivers State, making the sixth state for the APC candidate and scoring more than the 25% threshold that would have made him president.

Afegbua emphasized that if balancing is to be considered, it should be based on reasoning, contribution, and support for what is being aspired for. He pointed out that the Southeast has produced five Senate Presidents and 12 years as deputy Senate President, so it is time for the South-South to have a turn. The region has only had one Senate President, Joseph Wayas, from 1979 to 1983, and it is now equitable for the South-South to be recognized.

Afegbua’s argument is based on the belief that the South-South region has been neglected in terms of political appointments and representation in key positions of power. He believes that it is time for the region to be given the opportunity to contribute to the development of Nigeria through leadership positions. By highlighting the region’s political prowess and its contribution to the victory of the APC candidate, Afegbua is making a case for the South-South to be recognized and given a chance to participate in the political process at the national level.

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