Benjamin Kalu bows to APC, withdraws from House of Reps speakership race

According to the Gaurdian, Benjamin Kalu, a member of the House of Representatives in Nigeria, announced his withdrawal from the race for the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Kalu, who represents the Bende Federal Constituency in Abia State, made the announcement in a statement he issued on Sunday. In the statement, Kalu thanked his colleagues and supporters for their encouragement and support throughout the campaign but cited the need for unity and peace in the House as his reason for withdrawing.

According to Kalu, his decision was made in the interest of the institution of the House and the country as a whole, as he believes that a united House is necessary to effectively address the challenges facing the nation.

Kalu’s withdrawal leaves the race for the Speakership position wide open, with other contenders expected to step up their campaigns in the coming days. The position of Speaker is a key leadership position in the House of Representatives, and the occupant is expected to provide effective leadership to the House as well as represent the House in dealings with the executive and other arms of government.

The race for the Speakership position in the House of Representatives has been a keenly contested one, with several high-profile candidates vying for the position. However, Kalu’s withdrawal is expected to shift the balance of power and influence within the House as other candidates seek to consolidate their support base and win the backing of their colleagues.

Overall, Kalu’s decision to withdraw from the race for the Speakership position is a significant development in Nigeria’s political landscape and highlights the importance of unity and consensus-building in the country’s governance structures.

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