I felt so humiliated when a senator contesting for senate presidency asked me what my price is–Ndume

The Chairman of the Senate Committee on Army, Ali Ndume, has expressed his dissatisfaction with the conduct of some of the Senators who are vying for the position of Senate President. During a live video on Arise , Ndume revealed that one of the contestants for the position of Senate President had contacted him through a mutual friend and attempted to bribe him by asking for his price.

Ndume further stated that he felt insulted by the question and that he would have named the individual on live television had they not apologized. He disclosed that he had received a message from one of the contestants who sought to know his price through a friend. He described the incident as a blatant attempt to induce him financially in order to secure his support.

“I received a message from one of the contestants vying for the seat of the Senate President. He passed through a friend to ask me what is my price. I felt bad and insulted, and had it been he didn’t sent an apology, I would have mentioned his name on this programme.”

The Senator’s comments suggest that there is a lack of transparency and integrity among those seeking to occupy the Senate’s top position. The conduct of some of the contestants appears to be driven by greed and a willingness to engage in corrupt practices. Ndume’s decision to make this matter public demonstrates his commitment to accountability and ethical leadership.



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