If Nigeria Is Working, Many Politicians Won’t Be Qualified To Run For Office In Nigeria– Ade Mario

Ade Mario, the Director General of the Coalition of Nigerian Youth on Security & Safety Affairs (CONYSSA), recently spoke to the media about the Code of Conduct Bureau’s request for Tinubu and others to publicly declare their assets before May 29, the inauguration date. Ade Mario mentioned that it is normal for anyone running for office to declare their assets before assuming the position. He believes that asset declaration should be a requirement even before contesting for an election. However, corruption in Nigeria hinders this from happening.

He argued that corruption is the reason why Nigerian politicians are reluctant to declare their assets publicly. Most of these politicians have obtained their assets through corrupt means, and they fear the repercussions of publicly disclosing them. He claimed that if Nigeria were a functional country, many politicians would be ineligible to run for office. He specifically mentioned Tinubu, stating that he would be unable to run for the 2023 presidential election without being investigated or detained by the EFCC.

Hear him: “If Nigeria is a working country, many politicians won’t be qualified to run for office in Nigeria. Tinubu won’t be qualified to contest for the 2023 presidential election, he would either be in the den of the EFCC or detained somewhere”.


According to Ade Mario, if politicians do not make their money through corrupt means, there should be no issue with publicly disclosing their assets. However, corruption in Nigeria prevents this from happening. He stated that Nigeria is a country where corruption is widespread, and it has become an integral part of the political system. As a result, Nigerian politicians are reluctant to disclose their assets publicly.

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