You Can’t Oppose Tinubu’s Inauguration & Also Demand For Senate Presidency From Him— Onoh Tells Igbo

Dr. Josef Onoh, the president-elect’s southeast regional spokesman, has blasted numerous Igbo organisations promoting the South East as the site of the Senate Presidency.

The canvassers, according to Onoh, are crying crocodile tears as they demand Senate leadership yet oppose Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s May 29 inauguration as president.

Forgetting that they had been unfair to the incoming president, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu, during his arduous campaign, he reprimanded the elders of the south-east for shouting fairness and justice.

When they failed to actively endorse, vote for, or publicly advocate for Asiwaju, he questioned where the equality and fairness were.

He questioned where the equality and fairness were when they continuously promoted hostility and divisiveness while putting all their eggs in one basket.

He called it perplexing and mind-boggling that the same elders, including Ohanaeze Ndigbo, who have said they do not acknowledge Asiwaju Bola Tinubu as the next president, are fanning the ripple over the Senate President’s zoning to the southeast.

The self-styled elders who petitioned to postpone Asiwaju’s oath of office till the court issues its decision, he said, are the same ones.

Onoh stated that he anticipated the Senate President candidates will call these elders to account for fomenting discord.

He questioned how the same person could demand the Senate Presidency from him while also asking that Tinubu not be sworn in.

We are the ones pushing to leave Nigeria, however our senators and leaders have not addressed that, so how can we be calling for Senate presidency? To discuss these issues, I believe we should have a meeting, Onoh remarked.

Source: Vanguard paper

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