I Don’t Envy Anyone That Is About To Take Over From Buhari Because That Person Has A Lot To Do-Ubani

Monday Ubani, former Vice President of the Nigerian Bar Association and former chairman of the Ikeja Branch, recently shared his views on various political issues in an interview. One of the topics discussed was the upcoming 2023 general elections. Ubani expressed his hope that Bola Tinubu, who has a lot on his plate, will not disappoint those who have put their faith in him. 

Ubani went on to say that he prays Tinubu will not take the country backward, as President Buhari has done. He believes that for his prayer to work, Tinubu must make up his mind that he is coming to work for Nigeria. Ubani is hopeful that Tinubu will succeed in his endeavors, but he urges him to prioritize the interests of the country above his personal ambitions. 

In conclusion, Monday Ubani has expressed his optimism for the 2023 general elections, but he has also voiced his concerns about the potential for setbacks. He hopes that Bola Tinubu will be a positive force for change in the country, but he emphasizes the importance of Tinubu’s commitment to working for the good of Nigeria. Ubani’s comments serve as a reminder of the responsibility that political leaders have to their constituents and to the country as a whole.

According to him:

“The person that is coming to take over from Buhari has a lot in his hands and I don’t envy anyone that is about to reign after Buhari. I hope Bola Tinubu is strong enough to run Nigeria because the country is clearly on a life support. In all areas, it is that bad and prices are tripling by the day. So I don’t envy the president-elect because the country is on a life support.”

“The economy is down and the industries are gone. He has to bring back the industries and bringing back the industries, you have to bring back the light; the energy is the key. If you cannot guarantee at least 18 hours power, there is no way any person can come and invest in your country when he spends almost 80 percent of his running cost on energy.”

“Bola Tinubu has a lot in his hands and let’s believe that those who believed in him and elected him won’t be disappointed because there is nothing to come and enjoy. In coming to power, Tinubu has made so much money that can last him for life so he has no need to acquire more unless he as a different agenda coming into government, so there are lots of work for him to do. He has to fix the economy, the political system, agriculture, the energy sector and above all he has to restore the confidence of Nigerians in the country.”

“People have lost and are still losing hope in the country. People’s hopes were rekindled before the election that they want to have the country they would call their own. But immediately after the election, it was like, oh! Power has gone back to the same set of people who have been in power and have not made any concrete move to change the system, to address the needs of the people or show empathy to the plights of Nigerians; none of them.”

“I honestly pray that Tinubu doesn’t take us several years backward because Buhari did. I am praying that he succeeds but for that prayer to work on him, he must make up his mind that he is coming to work for Nigeria.”

Overall, Ubani’s interview covered a range of political topics and provided insight into his opinions on the matter.

SOURCE: Independent paper

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