Omah Lay Breaks the Internet As He Speaks on Why He Doesn’t Brush His Teeth Before Eating: “Idan No Dey Brush”

  • Nigerian singer Stanley Omah Didia, best known as Omah Lay, revealed that when he brushes his teeth for the day
  • This was revealed during an interview section that followed up an event where he thrilled his fans with a beautiful performance
  • The Soso hitmaker further claimed that nobody in the world brushes their teeth before eating breakfast anymore

Afrobeats star Omah Lay has sparked reactions around his oral health as he made some revelations about his hygiene.

The singer was accosted with an interview at one of the events he recently graced, where he was asked when he brushes his teeth.

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Omah Lay stated that he brushes his teeth after breakfast and only brushes before breakfast when he has to step out to look for what to eat.

According to the singer, no one brushes their teeth before breakfast.

“But when I have to go out to get breakfast, I have to brush, but when I’m at home, trust me, I brush after breakfast,” he said.

Watch the video below

Social media users react


“Na only Omarlay Dey talk truth for this country.”


“Na why your ex japa.”


“I brush after breakfast. I hate the minty taste when i am eating (thats why i do it after).”


“He used to look so cute and innocent,”


“Me I Dey brush before breakfast and brush after breakfast depending on the type of food way I chop. If I chop food way get fish, I go still brush, if na the one way get garlic, I go still brush. But I must brush before I chop.”


“I brush after breakfast but hubby brushes before breakfast,so it’s not everyone…”


“Idan no Dey brush.”

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