Apampa And Arabambi Scored Zero Votes In Their Polling Units In The Presidential Election – Abure

The National Chairman of the Labour Party, Julius Abure, has apologized to supporters of the Labour Party for the party’s mistake of allowing the likes of Lamidi Apampa and Abayomi Arabambi to get into the Labour Party.

According to Julius Abure, Lamidi Apampa got zero vote for the Labour Party in his polling unit in Oyo State during the presidential election. Julius Abure also disclosed that in the same general election, Abayomi Arabambi did not get a single vote for the Labour Party in the presidential election in Ogun State.

Speaking further, Julius Abure stated that Lamidi Apampa and Abayomi Arabambi worked for other political parties during the 2023 general elections. Julius Abure also accused Lamidi Apampa of wanting to sabotage Labour Party’s chances of winning in the presidential election tribunal.

Julius Abure claimed that he has been a member of the Labour Party for 20 years and since he became the National Chairman of the party, he has done more for the party than any other past National Chairman of the party.

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