I Refused To Side With The Arabambi And Apapa Because Of Their Mischievous Acts Towards Obi – Obiora Ifoh

The Acting National Publicity Secretary of the Labor Party, Obiora Ifoh, has said that the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, is using expelled and expelled members of the party to create chaos in its ranks.

Ifoh specifically blamed the Deputy National Chairman (South), Lamidi Apapa, who he said was later expelled from the party, and the former Acting National Publicity Secretary, Abayomi Arabambi, who he said was sacked by the National Executive Committee of the party, NEC. arrowheads on the destabilization diagram. In a statement in Abuja yesterday, Ifoh said: “I refused to side with the former Acting National Republican Secretary of the Labor Party, Abayomi Arabambi, and the sacked Vice President, Lamidi Apapa, because of their mischievous acts towards Peter Obi. May 29 will be handed over to Tinubu after he is declared the winner of the presidential election by INEC.


In fact, the Labor Party does not want to comment on the case that started in the Presidential Court of Appeal.

However, the text of the statement, which was read like an advertisement on about three main television channels, suggests that the real sponsors of the labor crisis will stop at nothing to ensure that the infiltration is maintained. “The huge financial war chest used to achieve this heinous conspiracy to end the popular aspiration of millions of Nigerians for a new and prosperous nation leaves a huge gap in the skill and desperation of these evil conspirators. 

“In all of Peter Obi’s public and private statements, he has never once said or implied that May 29 should be postponed.” He is a democrat, and he is one man who believes as much in the judiciary as the final arbiter, and that is why he appealed for justice in court.

“Having said that, we are shocked at the mouthpiece APC has chosen to express their fears. The prospect of not reaching Eagles Square on May 29 has continued to give them sleepless nights and migraines, forcing them to resort to the already threatened and fallen. Labor members led by Apapa and Arabambi sang a song and danced alone. What we see today is simply “the hand of Esau, the voice of Jacob”. 

“Nigerians already know that Apapa and his gang are sponsored to work against the presidential ambitions of Peter Obi. No one doubts the altruistic drive of the Apapa camp to remain the destroyers of the Labor Party.

“A few weeks ago, you will remember how we warned Nigerians about the intention of this group to withdraw some of our candidates from court on charges they have yet to be acquitted of. We also warned Nigerians like these men, who have no known source of income, that they are now flying on private jets and staying in 5-star hotels. ” This is the culmination of an evil conspiracy by the APC to execute Apapa and his gang to frustrate the peace process witnessed by Nigerians. They hope to further aggravate the riotous scene and probably stall the process.”

Source; The Vanguard paper Online

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