Nick Cannon: Father of 12 Reveals How He Chooses Which Partner to Spend Time With

  • Nick Cannon has revealed how he decides which partner to spend time with as a father of 12 children
  • Cannon’s decision is often based on who has reached out to him most recently, as he prefers spending time with those who like him
  • The interview has sparked mixed reactions online, with some praising Cannon’s honesty while others have criticized him for having so many children with multiple partners
Nick Cannon opens up about his parental obligations
Nick Cannon has revealed how he chooses which partner to spend time with. Images: Jason Mendez, Shareif Ziyadat.
Source: UGC

Nick Cannon, the well-known actor, rapper, and television host, has made headlines recently for his revealing interview in which he discussed how he decides which partner he will spend time with.

Nick Cannon opened up on how he decides which partner to spend time with

According to Vibe, Cannon, who is a father of 12 children, admitted to having a system in place to help him manage his parental obligations.

In his interview with the Los Angeles Times, Cannon stated that his decision on which partner to spend time with is often based on who has reached out to him most recently. He also stated that he is a creature of habit and prefers spending time with those who like him.

Cannon further added that his partners are often busy with their own lives and are not interested in having sex with him, as their focus is on their children.

Fans trolled the rapper for having twelve kids

Hip-hop blog @DailyLoud tweeted a post sharing Nick’s revelation:

“Nick Cannon, who shares a total of 12 kids with 6 different women says he decides where he will stay the night by whoever calls him on any given day.”

Upon seeing the post, Netizens trolled the father of twelve for having a dozen children from multiple partners.

@cryptozeydcarey tweeted:

“In the future, we will be able to trace all of our family trees back to Nick Cannon.”

@genohunnids said:

“He has a lot of kids but is still a better father than all these guys.”

@MikeTomGotJokes said:

“He should probably stop talking. But then again, I’m sure this is being stretched.”

@JayCartere said:

“The dude is playing musical chairs to choose which of his 6 families to stay with.”

@6peter6doms6 said:

“Ngl this mad sus. @FBI I want this man investigated. I can’t prove he did anything illegal, he’s just cringe af I know he’s up to something.”

@chefgrandson tweeted:

“I don’t blame him if I had the choice I would too.”

Nick Cannon’s 12th child on the way

Nick Cannon was in the news again for being a father. reported that the American media personality had yet another baby on the way.

Naturally, internet users had endless jokes about Nick for creating a huge family.

News of Nick Cannon’s baby set the internet ablaze as people expressed their surprise.


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