Nigeria owes Atiku Abubakar a debt of gratitude for murdering and burying the PDP – Fani Kayode

Fani Kayode, who is a former minister of ation and one of the spokespersons of the Tinubu presidential campaign council has taken to Twitter to react to the impact of Atiku Abubakar in the recently concluded presidential election. He said that Atiku has left an indelible footprint as he single-handedly killed the PDP. He also added that PDP is beyond resurrection and Nigeria owe him for that. 

Here is what he said:

“One thing we can’t take from @atiku, the Waziri Adamawa, is the fact that he single-handedly did what no one else managed to do since 1999: he murdered & buried the PDP & ensured that it can NEVER be resurrected or rise again. For this alone, Nigeria owes him a debt of gratitude.”

Below are some people’s reactions:

“We already know he was planted by the founders of APC to hold PDP hostage and he has always delivered his part and we are also aware of how he takes his salary and goes back to Dubai and waits for another 4yrs so be worried about the ones you don’t know.”

“You should be ashamed of yourself. Aren’t you tired of all these publicity stunts? In fact We love Atiku the more even as you are trying so hard to berate him. He’s never responded for once to all your online gibberish.”

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