Photos of Strange Artefacts on Display at Restaurant Sparks Online Debate about Aesthetics

  • A photo showing some artefacts in a Lagos restaurant has left social media users buzzing with mixed reactions
  • The nature of the design has some people tagging the artefacts as voodoo popularly known as juju in Nigeria
  • While some people think it is purely for aesthetic purposes, others have expressed unwillingness to eat at such a restaurant

Twitter user, @feyiisetan, left social media users talking after he shared a photo of some artefacts spotted at a restaurant.

Artefact/Lagos restaurant
Photos of a male model and a photo of the artefact
Credit: ER Productions Limited, @feyiisetan (Twitter)
Source: Getty Images

In the photo, a figurine which appears to be that of a female in a dress is seen covered in red paint with the head sporting long strands of white-painted locs pointing upwards.

Behind the artefact is another one designed in a similar form but devoid of the colour red. Instead, it is coated in white paint.

Check out the post below:

Social media users react to photo of artifacts


“Lagos people kill me man.”


“I am not mad. I can’t eat in a place like this!!”


“What restaurant? Let me make sure to avoid abeg “


“You’ll think it’s aesthetic but fetish people are getting really bold.”


“Dem no dey put gods for shrine again now na for restaurant wahala for who go chop food here sha.”


“You de see juju you de call am esthetics.”


“No be juju be that?”

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