Lady Shares Dresses Done by Her Clothier at Affordable Prices, Netizens Impressed: “The Tailor Tried”

  • TikTok user, Selima, has taken to social media to share a video showing all the dresses her tailor replicated for her
  • The video sees her modelling each dress and showing the original designs she wanted, as well as the price for each look
  • The video which has since gone viral on social media had many netizens applauding the tailor for a job well done

While stories of tailors disappointing people abound on the internet, there are some tailors putting smiles on the faces of their clients.

One lady shared a video showing the outfits her tailor made for her and it has wowed many people.

Tailored dress
Photos of some dresses made
Credit: @seleema
Source: TikTok

Identified as Selima, she can be seen in the video modelling each outfit and sharing photos of inspiration.

While sharing the cost of each replication, she pointed out what she loved and did not like about each one.

Check out the video below:

Social media users react to video of lady showing off her replicated dresses


“Share the details of the tailor na!!! Don’t be stingy!! she tried for those prices attached! I’m interested.”


“The tailor did well! So why other vendors go come de charge higher 33k500 for sun dresses.”


“She over try I see her getting better in the areas she needs to upgrade more… upgrade in any line of skill you are in us key…”


“Just a few adjustments… And what are these prices?? Drop her handle abeg.”


“Thanks for praising Nigerian tailors jare! Most pole only upload d worse. Shout out to all Nigerian designers trying to get better day by day.”


“Abeg where your tailor dey? You see that first dress, I totally love the length and style.”


“The tailor price go soon increase as e don enter IG. Abeg drop the tailor handle biko.”

“Give the tailor her flowers.”

Positive reactions trail video of bride and asoebi ladies showing off their outfits: “They tried to have fun”

Weddings are special for the bride and groom, and while the glitz and glamour add colours to the event, the most beautiful memories are born from the people in attendance.

A bride and her girls made sure to slay for her special day, and the video has since gone viral on social media.

In the video posted by @asoebibella, the bride, dressed in a striped black and white ensemble with gold gele, was seen in front.


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