Apampa & Arabambi Scored 0% In Their Home States, I’m The Only Chairman That Won My Ward – Abure

Julius Abure, the National Chairman of the Labour Party (LP), has responded to allegations made by Lamidi Apampa, the suspended Deputy National Chairman of the party. Apampa had claimed that the FCT State High Court suspended Abure. However, Abure has accused Apampa of being desperate to fulfill the mandate of his “pay master” and that time is running out fast on them, hence their hurry to achieve their target.

Abure has been building the LP for the past 20 years, and today the party has become one to reckon with in Nigeria. Therefore, he finds it laughable that these hirelings want to take over the party. 

Abure’s statement on Saturday was a direct response to Apampa’s allegations, and he did not mince words in his rebuttal. He accused Apampa of being a pawn in a larger scheme to take over the LP. 

According to him:

“The party was a small party and because we want to have numbers, we accommodated all forms of charlatans and dubious people into the party.

“These are people who didn’t offer anything to the party. Apampa scored zero in Oyo state in the Presidential election. Arabambi who is claiming to be the Publicity Secretary scored zero in Ogun state in the presidential election.

“They even supported other candidates from other parties. In Edo, We scored 79 percent of the votes in the presidential election.

“In the governorship election and House of Assembly election, in spite of the dollars and harassment that were deployed by the PDP government, I am the only national chairman that won my ward.

“In this party, I have paid my dues. I have been here for 20 years building this party and today the party has become one to reckon with in Nigeria. So for these hirelings to say they want to take over the party, we laugh at them.

In conclusion, Abure’s response to Apapa’s allegations was clear and concise. He defended his position as the National Chairman of the LP and dismissed the claims made by Apampa as baseless and unfounded.


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