Identifying your Audience and 5 Exceptional Ways to Stand Out in a Competitive Entertainment Industry

The desire to differentiate oneself in every creative sector is more important than ever. As it determines the channel through which the artist appeases their audience

The Nigerian entertainment industry is blessed with a pool of talents that requires someone who is exceptionally creative, innovative, and, most importantly, knows how to appeal to the people to stay relevant.

Be it any sector one strives in, it takes the right energy to make the audience relate to the passion and mission behind one’s talent. 

Omah Lay, Rema, Portable
Pictures of Omah Lay, Rema, and Portable
Credit: @omahlay, @heisrema, @portable
Source: Instagram

No skill or content is new in the industry; to stand out, one needs to present what is distinct from the crowd, and what’s that, the extra to one’s ordinary self.

Here are ways you can bring your game up as creative in a saturated industry:

The exciting side of your personality 

Just as there are two sides to a coin, the human personality does the same, too, as there are interesting and basic sides to an individual.

We are not asking you to go overboard to be interesting; it’s all about identifying that original spice in you that your audience might resonate with or be curious to know where you are leading them to.

For example, we all know Burna Boy makes good music, but on the other hand, people love his hardcore character—that one musician who doesn’t take anyone’s rubbish. Fans admire him for that as they wonder how he birthed such guts.

Omah Lay is a fast-rising artist who has built a fanbase of music lovers trying to figure out his pain and mental health—basically,  what is happening in his headspace.

Rema came into the scene with infectious bangers and stood out with the picture of Mummy’s boy, who has had different thug experiences.

Identify your audience

Know the people you want to appease with your skills: the helpless romantics, the stoners, or those traumatised by life.

When you know the audience you want to address, it helps to sharpen your technique.

You must understand your market well enough to say, ‘Perhaps I might take some of the things that these folks are interested in and combine them into some of the things you do.’ Understanding who will consume your content helps you develop a language and style.

Be passionate about your goals 

After all, is said and done, being passionate about one’s goals fuels the energy needed to go further than intended. With passion, there will always be a reason to turn up on bad days to strive for your end goal. 

Be consistent

To live long in the market, you have to add value for a long time. When you steadily feed your fans something new to relish, they end up wanting more, and before you know it, you become the talk of the town as you eventually feed from their hunger.

With consistency, you prove your worth and give people enough reasons to resonate with your craft in a saturated marketplace. 

Be discoverable

Thanks to social media and the number of times top music executives have disclosed finding new talents online.

It takes one who is ready to be seen to be seen; for people to love you and your talent, they need to know you and what you can offer. Nobody can advertise your material on your behalf. You must be consistent in promoting your talent on social media.

Be confident in your craft

Confidence sells you faster than anything. Be confident in your style and talent, and the world will adjust.

It took confidence for Rema to always say “another banger” at the beginning of all his songs. The same spirit drove Asake to term himself as “Mr Money with the vibes”.

The controversial artists Portable and Speed Darlington have their fan bases today because of their confidence. The same goes for other content creators who are doing great things. 

Portable falls off from a speaker

Meanwhile, previously reported that Portable has joined the esteemed list of Nigerian singers who have fallen on stage and off a speaker while performing.

Portable, who is quite famed for always climbing on speakers, tables and different things while performing, seems to have met his Waterloo during his performance at his own concert, Ika Of Africa.

In a viral clip sighted online from the concert, the singer was seen as he fell off a speaker and would’ve hit the ground but was rescued by concertgoers that were close to him.


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