I’ve The Right To Say The Man Who Will Preside Over Me In Abuja Must Win 25% Of The State- Nwaokobia

Prof. Nwaokobia’s statement comes in the midst of ongoing legal challenges to the outcome of the presidential election in Nigeria. Many are questioning the legitimacy of President Buhari’s win, with some alleging that the election was rigged or manipulated in some way.

The issue of the 25% threshold for winning votes in a state is one of many legal requirements that candidates must meet in order to be elected president in Nigeria. It is intended to ensure that the president-elect has broad-based support across the country, and is not simply the choice of a narrow regional or ethnic constituency.

However, critics argue that the threshold is too low and enables candidates to win the presidency without truly representing the interests of a majority of Nigerians. They point to the fact that President Buhari won only a slim majority of the popular vote in the last election, with large numbers of voters either not participating or choosing other candidates.

Regardless of the outcome of the ongoing legal challenges, it is clear that Nigeria’s electoral system remains a work in progress. As citizens like Prof. Nwaokobia continue to demand accountability and transparency in the political process, there is hope that the country will continue to move towards a more democratic and inclusive future.

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