‘The Man Who Will Be Nigeria President Must Have 25% In FCT’ -Nwaokobia

The President-elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu not winning 25 percent in the Federal Capital Territory has been a huge concern after the 2023 election. The opposition had contended that the APC flagbearer shouldn’t have been recognised as the winner of the poll as he didn’t get 25% in the FCT. A Member of the Obidatti Presidential campaign council, Professor Chris Nwaokobia has asserted that the individual who aspires to be the next President of Nigeria must be popular in the FCT.

In an interview with Arise TV, he stated that Bola Tinubu’s legitimacy must begin in the FCT and that the fact that he did not win 25 seats there suggests that he has not fulfilled the condition. He added that, in terms of grammar, the word “and” in section 134 is a conjunction. He contends that Tinubu needs to be recognised as the new owner of Abuja in order to prove his legitimacy.

“The demands of Section 134 2b are almost very clear,” he declared. When you say “and,” you mean two-thirds of the 36 States.And if you interpret it according to the golden rule of statutes, it advises you to look for the legislators’ intentions. It advises to look at the grammar if you apply the literal norm of statutory interpretation. ‘And’ is a conjunction that suggests that, in addition to the 24 states spread around the nation, Abuja should have 25% of the total population. If you look at the legislator’s intentions, they are that the candidate for Nigerian President must be well-liked in Abuja and have 25% of the FCT. He must be regarded as the President of Abuja residents. Do those in Abuja own Bola Tinubu, is the question. The response is “No.”

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