Someone Sent Me Screenshots Of Alleged Tweets Of Hilda Baci Campaigning For Peter Obi — Bashir Ahmed

Presidential Adviser Bashir Ahmad said someone sent a screenshot which he claimed was tweeted by Hilda Baci, former Labour Party, LP and campaigner for presidential candidate Peter Obi.

Bashir Ahmad also told the man that if he is a Nigerian, Nigerians, especially the president and the president-elect, have the same obligation to respect her as any other developed Nigerian. Regardless of the political party they belonged to, they attracted national attention.

He further points out that Nigerians did not celebrate Peter Obi in the same way after his last visit to the UK because the two stories are so different, while Obi gives Nigeria pride for tomorrow. , pointed out that the president and the president-elect would be proud. Celebrate with him and rejoice.

Bashir Ahmad made the announcement in a tweet Monday morning.

He also told Nigerians to stop tweeting or tagging Hilda Baci in political tweets, stressing that Hilda Baci had the right to support or campaign for whoever she thought was the best candidate before the presidential election that just ended.

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