Bridal Fashion: Video of Bride’s Attire for Traditional Wedding Leaves Internet Users Amused

  • A video is currently trending on social media as it captures the moment danced at her wedding ceremony
  • In the video, she is seen dressed in a white dress with a long train and her face adorned with a fringed mask
  • Several internet users who have seen the video have taken to the comment section to react

One bride’s look for her special day has left social media users buzzing with mixed reactions.

Bride in traditional attire
Photos of bride
Credit: @codedblog
Source: Instagram

Instagram blogger, @codedblog, shared a video of the bride rocking a red gele and dressed in white attire with a long train.

The look featured feather embellishments around the shoulders, and also a long train.

Covering her white made-up face with the exception of her eyes and forehead is what appears to be a fringed accessory.

Watch the video below:

Social media users react to video of lady’s wedding dress




“Na white marriage na why her face belike that.”


“No offense but I thought that was a hen.”


“I no fit be the camera man I go don laugh tear.”


“Maybe na festival.”


“What is that makeup.”

Positive reactions trail video of bride and asoebi ladies showing off their outfits: “They tried to have fun”

Weddings are special for the bride and groom, and while the glitz and glamour add colours to the event, the most beautiful memories are born from the people in attendance.

A bride and her girls made sure to slay for her special day, and the video has since gone viral on social media.

In the video posted by @asoebibella, the bride, dressed in a striped black and white ensemble with gold gele, was seen in front.

From lowcut to simple reception: Blogger shares 6 unconventional things she did at her wedding

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The lifestyle blogger became one with her beau and has taken to social media to share some amazing wedding content.

In a trending video, Cassie opened up about some unconventional things she did at her wedding.


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