Cheeky Kenyan Ladies Surprise Husbands with Matching Shirts During Outing

  • How would you feel if you showed up to a luncheon and your friends wore the same shirt? It would be hilarious
  • In a heartwarming gesture of love and unity, a group of Kenyan women surprised their husbands with matching shirts during a recent outing
  • They organised the surprise in a hilarious way that left the men shocked after realising they were in on a prank

A group of Kenyan women have left their partners in disbelief after tricking them into rocking similar shirts.

Kenyan Ladies.
Kenyan ladies trick husbands into wearing matching shirts. Photo: @nadupoi3.
Source: UGC

Kenyan men join matching shirts trend

The ladies planned the surprise meticulously, making sure that the shirts were the perfect fit for their husbands and that they all matched.

They chose a bold green that made them stand out in the crowd.

On the day of the outing, the husbands were completely taken aback after discovering they were wearing matching shirts.

As they arrived at the hotel, they stood transfixed as if examining the room in disbelief.

One of the men was shocked and could not help but place his hands in disbelief at the back of his head.

Netizens react to husbands in matching shirt

Here’s what people had to say:

Slay with Jess:

“Imagine being the only one whose husband refused to wear the shirt.”

it’s just me:

“Wow, people really do have serious men…is this not Kenya??”


“They look so embarrassed.”


“Kwani ni mimi niko kenya engine.”


“I want this kinda group of friends where everyone has someone.”

Facades and interiors:

“This is just another proof that men will dress however their wives want.”

Gat Honi:

“Aki, they should have done the Spiderman meme!!! This is so fun.”


“This kind of prank has been trending for years, and it’s still hilarious.”

Wambui Nduaci:

“It’s the hotel guys laughing at them.”


“Frank is throwing dad vibes bless up beautiful pairs by ze wày.”


“The last guy’s expression its like ya last born, the thought am not the only one.”


“Mimi na my friends we have never had men at the same time.”

Fashion twin moments: Actress Omoborty matches outfit with daughter in new post

Omoborty jumped on the ‘Who rocked it better?’ with her daughter, Ifeoluwa, and lost in a comic way.

The Yoruba film actress, real name Biodun Sofuyi Okeowo, shared photos of herself in a green bejewelled two-piece ensemble.

Alongside her in the photos was her daughter draped in the same ensemble but styled differently.

The slim Ifeoluwa accessorised her look with a green fedora hat and hoop earrings.


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