If Apampa were the chairman of LP, he would have accompanied Obi to electoral tribunal-Delly Ajufo

Chief Lamidi Apampa has publicly presented himself as the acting National Chairman of the Labour Party, but Comrade Delly Ajufo, a prominent member of the party, contradicted this claim during an interview. Ajufo clarified that Apampa does not hold the position of acting chairman. To support his statement, Ajufo highlighted that if Apampa truly held the position, he would have accompanied the party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi, to the election petition tribunal. Ajufo also alleged that Apampa intended to seize control of the Labour Party’s machinery and withdraw the petition filed by Obi, which challenges the victory of Bola Tinubu from the All Progressives Congress (APC). Furthermore, Ajufo mentioned that Apampa planned to congratulate Tinubu on his victory, but failed to recognize Obi’s shrewdness and intelligence.

In his words: “The petition against Tinubu was jointly filed by Obi and Labour Party so even if the party withdraws from the petition, the case will still go on. In Ajufo’s words “If Apampa was the leader of the Labour Party he ought to have been in court with Peter Obi, to give moral support but he doesn’t care. His ambition is to take over the machinery of the Labour Party and ultimately congratulate Tinubu and withdraw the petition in the tribunal but what he failed to realize is that we have a smart cookie in Peter Obi. He has been through that route before and even if anybody tries to withdraw on behalf of the Labour Party, no one can withdraw on behalf of Peter Obi because he also is petitioning by himself.”


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