Couple’s Wedding Photo Has Netizens Cracking Jokes Over Groom’s Insane Pose, TikTok Gets 4M Views

  • A video on TikTok went viral as a husband and wife took a photo together to remember their special day
  • The love bird tied the knot, and the man was so overjoyed that he chose an unconventional position for their wedding day pics
  • Online users were in stitches, and many commented with theories on why the man chose the unexpected pose

A man and his wife were all the rave on TikTok. The man stole the show as he chose to present himself in the weirdest way.

Wedding photo with groom's starnge pose goes TikTok viral
A wedding picture with a groom and his wife went viral as he did the most. Image: @4.chan4
Source: UGC

The video got 300 000 likes from people who love the man’s creativity. The wedding video had many thoroughly entertained.

Man has legs in the air for wedding photoshoot

@4.chan4 posted a viral video of a guy and his wife on their wedding day. In the video, the groom did a headstand next to his gorgeous bride.

Watch the video:

TikTok users stan man’s creative post

Peeps love seeing other’s wedding days. The video had many laughs and inspired some to make hilarious puns.

Redblackgirl commented:

“The way she is just standing like “don’t mind him he does that all the time” love is fun.”

Miss Karen commented:

“If she did a funny pose as well, this photo would’ve been iconic “

Ryan commented:

“’That’s my man and ima stick beside him’”

peshy commented:

I”f it ain’t like this!”

Yrma Venus commented:

“Head over heels in love.”

“The dedication is dedicating”: Funny clip of men passionately modelling in gele

Beyond the glitz and glamour witnessed at weddings, there is the tendency to have some pretty hilarious and rib-cracking moments where MCs put people on the spot and have them perform.

Such is the case witnessed in a viral video which saw men giving their best impression of a catwalk.

More interestingly, they were made to rock gele headgears supposedly styled by their female partners.


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