3 Premier League Matches That Could Define Arsenal’s Season


Arsenal is getting closer and closer to clinching a Premier League title, and the club’s ardent supporters are starting to believe that this is finally their year. Mikel Arteta’s squad has made it a habit to win games by comfortable margins, regardless of their opponent.

They’ve had to put in more effort to secure victories in recent games. The weekend’s 3-2 comeback victory over Bournemouth instilled a fresh sense of assurance.

It appears that Arsenal now have the title to lose, and I believe that they have a good shot at winning the championship if they win their next three games. The next games against Fulham, Crystal Palace, and Leeds:

After losing their previous three games and getting blown out by Man City, the team came back from a 1-0 deficit to beat Villa.

They have been outstanding, but the next three games will be decisive for me. There’s no way they can lose if they take those, and I don’t see how they can lose the Premier Leavi trophy if they win the three matches.

Arsenal is getting close, but their players can’t afford to lose concentration or resolve now. Late in the season, many teams fail because their players became complacent. Arsenal must continue to strive and remain unwavering to the very end.

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