After this election I will not be available again — Paul Okoye threatens some friends over tribalism


Famous Nigerian musician Paul Okoye has threatened to avoid socializing with some colleagues as a result of the insults he endured during the gubernatorial and state assembly elections.

He expressed his unhappiness over the intimidation, tribalism, and threats that had been directed at him and said that he would no longer be willing to engage with those who had engaged such inhumane acts.

The PSquare record group’s musician bemoaned the fact that security personnel who had been on hand during the #EndSARS demonstrations had vanished when it came time to guard voters against political thugs at the voting booths.

Paul disclosed all of this in a post on his Instagram Stories on Saturday as he took a new stance on how he would be treating some people in his life after the election.

“With all this threat, thugs, voters suppression, tribalism etc.

“After this election! Know this and know peace…I will not be eating at the same table with some of you … I will never trust some of you…my long spoon will always be available. Some of you are not humans,” he said.

In another slide, Rudeboy said, “During #EndSARS police could be seen, Army could be seen shooting innocent people. But today they are nowhere to be found.

“Same hoodlums and thugs are in charge of the electoral process. Shame !!!!”

The 25th February, 2023 Presidential and National House of Assembly elections in Nigeria have been widely associated with violence, mob action, electoral violence, vote buying and hate speech, particularly among the country’s three major ethnic groups.

According to reports, this has been the main factor in the sharp decline in voter turnout for the gubernatorial and State House of Assembly elections on March 18, 2023.

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