Body Organs That Might Get Affected If A High Blood Sugar Level is Left Untreated


According to research from, there are somebody organs that get affected when your blood sugar is high and left untreated.

Below are a few body organs that might suffer when you have an untreated high blood sugar level.

1. One of the body organs that might get affected when a high blood sugar is left untreated is the Kidney, and this organ gets affected because of the too much sugar leads to some issues in the kidney, and also if the high blood sugar level is left untreated, the kidney can fail to function.

2. The liver is another organ in the body that gets affected if the blood sugar level is still high and left untreated. Therefore, those suffering from high blood sugar level, are also at risk of liver issue too.

3. Lastly, one who suffers high sugar level, is also at risk of heart failure because such an issue also alters the proper function of the heart, which can lead to failure in function of the human heart.

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