Common Mistakes Men Make Before Sex That Turn Women Off


Both men and women are susceptible to making dating and relationship blunders that drive potential partners away. Nonetheless, guys frequently make blunders that turn women off, especially in the moments before they become physically intimate. Included below are some of the most typical blunders made by guys just prior to “becoming personal” with a woman, as well as suggestions for avoiding them.

Not Listening To Her

One of the most crucial things a man can do when trying to connect with a woman is to listen to what she has to say, according to webmd. Indeed, this is most true in terms of sexual closeness. It’s important for a woman to know that her boyfriend cares about what she has to say and wants. A woman may get the impression that a man cares only about himself if he consistently ignores her. This can be really off-putting.

Here’s what you should do instead: focus on what your conversational partner is saying. Rather than just talking at her, try asking her questions to gauge her interest and understanding. She’ll appreciate the gesture, and you’ll learn more about her sex preferences in the bedroom.

Extreme Rapidity

Moving too quickly into sexual contact is another common blunder made by men. Many people will have varied interpretations of this, but it generally refers to attempting a rapid increase in performance. In the eyes of the woman, this may indicate that the male is more interested in sex than in developing a meaningful bond with her.

What you should do instead is relax and let things unfold as they will. Watch for signs from your partner, both verbal and nonverbal, that she is enjoying the tempo you’ve set. If she appears uncomfortable, back off. This will show her that your interest in her goes beyond sexual encounters and that you respect the limits she sets for the two of you.

Having an ego problem

Before getting physically intimate, males make the mistake of thinking only about themselves. This can show out in a variety of ways, such as prioritizing one’s personal happiness over that of one’s spouse.

What you should do instead is think about your partner’s happiness as much as your own. Try to cater to her tastes and whims by inquiring about what she values most. This will demonstrate to her that you value her as an individual, rather than a means to an end.

Acting Too Aggressively

One of the most common errors males make prior to sexual encounters is acting too aggressively. One example is being overly physical in expressing affection, but it can also refer to being insistent in expressing one’s desires.

As an alternative, you should: If you want to know how your spouse feels about physical contact, you should focus on the signals she sends you through her body language and words. Take a step back and give her some room if she feels uneasy. Don’t force her to do anything she looks uncomfortable with. That you’re willing to go at her pace and respect her space is evident when you do this.

Constantly Skipping The Pre-Play

Many females view foreplay as a crucial aspect of a fulfilling sexual relationship. Some men, however, make the mistake of completely disregarding foreplay, which may be quite off-putting.

Instead, take advantage of the time spent in foreplay by exploring your partner’s body. It’s important to take into account her preferences so that you may tailor your approach to her needs. This will demonstrate your concern for her enjoyment and your want to maximize the fun for both of you.

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