If APC Was Trying To Rig The Election, We Won’t Let Them Win Lagos State- Hannatu Musawa


The deputy spokesperson of the All Progressives Congress presidential campaign council, Hannatu Musawa has dismissed claims suggesting that the just concluded presidential election was rigged in favour of the presidential candidate of the party, Bola Tinubu. 

Speaking in an interview with TVC , the APC chieftain argued that if the election was rigged in favour of Bola Tinubu like many have claimed, the All Progressives Congress would not have allowed their opponents to win in Lagos and other states that are under the control of governors elected under the platform of their party.

She noted that even though there were some irregularities in the process, the election was predominantly free and fair.

Hannatu Musawa however, noted that the Peoples Democratic Party and the Labour Party are only alleging that the election was rigged in favour of the All Progressives Congress because, they lost out.

According to her, the claims by the Labour Party and the Peoples Democratic Party that the election was rigged for Bola Tinubu, defies any form of logic.

“If the ruling party (APC) was trying to rig the election, we certainly won’t let them win Katsina state, win Kaduna state, win Lagos state. This election was actually predominantly free and fair. Of course, there is going to be little pockets of irregularities here and there but, I think people had the power to completely change things. You had governors in Plateau, governors in Benue, Cross River, lose their states. If they had an ability to rig, they wouldn’t allow their states to be lost so for me, that argument honestly defies logic. It seems to me that it is only because, they didn’t win the election.”

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