I’m Igbo married to Yoruba, we can’t hate ourselves – Mr P


The Nations papers reports that singer, Peter Okoye who is a member of the Psquare music group has spoken on the tribal animosity that started in the wake of the presidential election. As he addressed the relationship between the Igbos and Yorubas, the singer claimed it was devoid of hate as he cited his marriage to his wife, Omolola. He accused politicians of using tribes as a tool in a bid to conceal their dubious act. He urged people to be very wise and not allow the politicains to use them as tools to perpetuate evil acts that have to do with tribal conflicts.

His statement read, I am an Igbo man married to a Yoruba woman, Igbos don’t hate Yorubas and Yorubas don’t hate Igbos. These politicains use tribe as excuse to cover up their evil acts. They do not like you, whether you are Igbo or you are Yoruba, be wiser, they only care about their pockets.

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