Peter Obi Does Not Qualify To Be A LP Candidate, He Was Not A Registered Member Of LP- Sam Omatseye


Sam Omatseye, a well-known Nigerian novelist and ardent admirer of the President-elect, has disclosed that Peter Gregory Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, was not a registered member of the party thirty days before to the party’s primary election. He provided a quote from the electoral act that contradicts Peter Obi’s conduct to support his argument in the tweet.

Sam said that Peter Obi had not fulfilled the conditions to join the Labour Party as a full member prior to the party’s presidential primary. Omatseye, however, fervently contends that Peter Obi ought to have been disqualified for disregarding the nation’s constitution.

He stated, “Mr. Peter Obi does not qualify to be a Labour Party Candidate, in defiance of the S77(2 and 3) of the Electoral Act 2022, since he was not a member of the Labour Party and was not on the membership register 30 days before the Labour Party Primaries.”

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SOURCE: Twitter.

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