Premier League clubs angry over Newcastle ownership twist in US court documents


Premier League clubs are reportedly angry over documents that have surfaced in a US court which suggest that the ownership of Newcastle United is being manipulated by companies based in the British Virgin Islands.

The documents, which were filed in the US District Court in Delaware, appear to show that a number of companies linked to Newcastle’s owners, the billionaire Ashley family, are using a complex network of companies to move money around and avoid scrutiny from the Premier League.

It is believed that the documents could potentially be used to prove illegal activity related to the ownership of Newcastle United and that this could lead to the club being stripped of points or even relegated.

The Premier League has said that it is looking into the documents and has also called on Newcastle’s owners to fully explain the situation.

The league’s chief executive, Richard Masters, has said: “We are aware of the US court filings and will be looking into them.”

The revelations have caused anger among other Premier League clubs, who feel that Newcastle have been given unwarranted advantages due to their complex ownership structure.

It remains to be seen what action the league will take, but the documents could lead to serious repercussions for the club.

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