There was speculation that INEC would not declare a winner because Peter Obi won in 25 % in Abuja


According to the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the legislation regarding the presidential election and Abuja’s position, Abuja should be accorded a special status in election affairs, according to the former minister of justice of Nigeria, Michael Aondoakaa.

According to Michael Aondoakaa, when President Muhammadu Buhari petitioned the Supreme Court in 2008, the Court decided that to be proclaimed the election’s victor, a presidential contender must receive at least 25% of the votes cast in Abuja.

Michael Aondoakaa said that notwithstanding the Supreme Court’s stance on Abuja’s status in 2008, the Supreme Court retains the right to reconsider its stance if the case is brought before it once again for clarification.

If the case is remanded to court, Michael Aondoakaa pointed out that the Supreme Court’s new interpretation will depend on the judges assigned to hear it.

Recall that when Peter Obi was proclaimed the winner of the presidential election in Abuja, there was speculation that the INEC would not declare a winner because Peter Obi won in Abuja and none of the other political parties received 25% of the vote there.

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