We Caught An INEC Official Rigging Results For Obi, We’ll Prove The Evidences In Court -Asari Dokubo


The just concluded Nigerian presidential election was a heated one, with the campaigns of the various candidates reaching the fever pitch. However, the outcome of the election has been marred by allegations of rigging and vote buying. The Labour Party candidate, Peter Obi, has been accused of rigging the election results in Rivers state in his favour.

Now, former Niger Delta freedom fighter, Mujahid Asari Dokubo, has revealed that they have caught an INEC official rigging the election results in favour of Peter Obi. According to Asari Dokubo, they have the evidences of all that happened on that day and are ready to present them during the tribunal.

“When we caught the woman, I told the boys not to touch her since we have the evidences of all they did on that day and we are ready to present them during the tribunal,” Asari Dokubo said.

The allegation of rigging has been a major concern in the Nigerian electoral system, with many candidates and parties accusing their rivals of manipulating the result in their favour. This is why the evidences presented by Asari Dokubo and his team are very important. They will hopefully prove in court that Peter Obi’s mandate is indeed valid and that the election was not rigged.

This case is likely to be closely watched by the political elite in Nigeria and beyond, as it could set a precedent for future elections and establish the rule of law in the country. Asari Dokubo and his team have made a bold statement by presenting the evidences in court and it will be interesting to see how the court will rule on this case.

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